segunda-feira, 19 de maio de 2008

"Sometimes it feels like the world is getting smaller every new day, that our lives keep getting even shorter and senseless, that those familiar walls are closing in. That's the same feeling of when a friendship dies, an old love is lost, when you regret something you should not have don or should have, or even when someone dear is taken from you. For once all the colors around you slowly fade
and become gray. The food you ate with so much satisfaction, now you can barely taste, every breath you take feels like another part of your own sorrow inside your lungs. The sun makes you blind, the moon seems to share your pain and every time you look outside your dark room makes you want to give it all up. Your heart, that was always so alive and warm, now is empty and cold, and only beats fairly enough so you can still stand by the end of the day… And then you see you can’t feel nothing anymore neither the wind touching your skin, or the rain falling down on you…
Sometimes it feels like life itself is being pulled out of me but then again the slightest thought of you brings back all life I ever had, I feel my heart beating, even harder than before, and somehow I see the color of the sky and the beauty of the sun one more time, and the only thing I can remember is your face…then it all makes sense again.

Sometimes it feels like.. I’m in love" (Jimmy)


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